HB Sonic Triple Bearing Diabolo

HB Sonic Triple Bearing Diabolo


Product Description

A great quality and price, this performs amazingly well for beginners to advanced players.
Features a stainless steel triple bearing for extremely long spins.
The body is made of durable rubber to keep its shape.
Includes hardwood handsticks.

Technical Specifications

Diabolo Material: Rubber
Diabolo Length: 149mm / 5.87 inches
Diabolo Diameter: 129mm / 5.08 inches
Diabolo Weight: 244 grams
Bearing Core: Triple bearing
Handstick Material: Solid maple wood
Handstick Length: 406mm / 15.98 inches
Handstick Weight: 56 grams


Occasionally check and clear the bearing of any dirt, hair, or pieces of string.
Replace the string when significant wear is shown to prevent the string breaking and to improve play.
The rubber cups can easily be cleaned with mild soap and water. For more extensive cleaning, isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol can be used.


Handsticks are a choking hazard for children under 3 years.

Color choice

Blue, yellow, red