PX3 Floro Juggling Club

PX3 Floro Juggling Club


(Sold separately)

Product Description

A highly visual club with a bright color (fluorescent UV reactive) for outside practice or stage performance.
A one piece molded handle of custom rubber (Flex Grip) which provides an exceptional grip.
A well balanced club that has become standard amongst jugglers.
An innovative plastic (PVC) tube is used rather than a wooden dowel for the core. This gives the club's core the advantages of being more uniform and durable.
The thin handle allows for ease of use with smaller hands, pass juggling, and numbers juggling.

Technical Specifications

Length: 516mm / 20.32 inches
Diameter: 80mm / 3.15 inches
Weight: 224 grams


The clubs can be cleaned with mild soap and water. For more extensive cleaning, Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol can be used.
Knobs, ends, and tape can be replaced for a brand new looking club.