The Philosophy of Bending Gravity Entertainment

Our objective is to provide a one of a kind, breathtaking experience of object manipulation choreographed to music… we bring once inanimate objects to life, as art in motion.  Our vast repertoire of routines and skills will make any event more fun, interesting and engaging.  It’s our desire to make your event an occasion that will create unforgettable memories with a level of entertainment that is beyond imagination.

Book us for your event and see for yourself!

Bending Gravity Entertainment was created in 1998 by the truly passionate Eric Girardi, founded on the principle of providing world-class entertainment with a complete satisfaction guarantee.  We are constantly evolving to develop new acts, designing unique props, and bringing variety arts to diverse venues.  To put it simply, you will be impressed and thrilled!

Eric is an athlete, writer, and a cool guy that has been professionally performing for over half his life as a modern vaudevillian.  He is also one of nineteen sponsored yoyo players in the USA by Duncan YoYos, yes, he’s on a trading card!  Continually pushing the boundaries of props, Eric is an object manipulator in the true sense, constantly expanding his ability and knowledge of how objects move, react to one another, and interact with… well, gravity.  On stage or on film, this artistic performer shares his joy and dedication to these traditional crafts in a contemporary way.  If you see him off stage he’s probably practicing, training, and learning… as this is his profession, hobby, and life.  He has also learned that eating Cheerios with chopsticks in your non-dominant hand will not make you ambidextrous, it’s just time-consuming.  Eric also enjoys medium length walks on the beach at sunrise. Eric strives to bring out the understated beauty in every single prop no matter how simple it might be.