Duncan Speed Beetle YoYo

Duncan Speed Beetle YoYo


Product Description

An excellent yoyo for looping as well as beginner to intermediate tricks.
Featuring a high-speed ball bearing this yoyo will spin longer than yoyos with a traditional fixed axle.
Includes a different set of spacers to adjust the gap to your preference and customize the yoyo.
Has an aerodynamic rim-weighted shape.
Friction stickers are utilized to achieve a great response when pulling up the yoyo.

Technical Specifications

Material: Lightweight polycarbonate plastic
Diameter: 57mm / 2.24 inches
Width: 38mm / 1.50 inches
Gap Width: 3.17mm / 0.125 inches
Weight: 47.1 grams
Response System: Duncan friction stickers
Bearing Size: Size A
Company: Duncan Toys Co.


To remove a knot or tangled string, simply untwist the yoyo.
Replace the string when significant wear is shown to prevent the string from breaking and to improve play.
After a long period of time, the friction stickers will begin to wear out and will need to be replaced.
To increase the yoyo's responsiveness, a small amount of lubrication (Vaseline or bike lube) can be applied to the bearing.
More response can also be achieved by double-looping the string on the yoyo.
To reduce response a friction sticker can be removed.
Occasionally check and clear the bearing of any dirt, hair, or pieces of string.
Make sure the friction stickers are not rubbing against the bearing.


Choking hazard for children under 3 years.

Color choice

Red caps with yellow body/rims
Purple caps with red body/rims
Yellow caps with clear body/rims
Blue caps with clear body/rims
Yellow caps with purple body/rims
Yellow caps with green body/rims
**For an additional $5 fee, colors can be customized