Custom Balance Boards

Custom Balance Boards


Product Description

These custom boards are cut to your desired shape, your choice of stain(s), and your choice of a polyurethane finish (matte, high gloss, etc.)
Also known as Rola Bolas, this is a fun skill by itself or to integrate into an act.
Unless specified, all boards include a tube with friction tape.
“Bumpers” on the bottom of the board are optional for the ability to do more advanced tricks.
A tube is included with the board unless specified.

Technical Specifications

Various woods, finishes, and designs.
Multiple stains on one board is available to create an outstanding visual effect.
Board length varies by project: 731-765mm / 28.8-30.1 inches
Board width varies by project: 213-281mm / 8.4-11.1 inches
Tube length varies by project: 213-281mm / 8.4-11.1 inches
Tube diamater: 114mm / 4.49 inches

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