Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball

Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball


Product Description

Bag included! This is generally considered the standard size for contact juggling for beginner to advanced play. The hard crystal-like plastic is virtually shatter proof and is chip resistant. These are precision machined to be perfectly round and it's extremely durable hard body makes it perfect for contact juggling. There are no internal distortions in the plastic which makes them ideal for isolation tricks.

Technical Specifications

Material: 100% acrylic plastic
Diameter: 76mm / 2.99 inches
Weight: 282 grams


Repeated drops on concrete will eventually cause damage to the ball. Scratches can be polished with scratch removers for acrylic (i.e. Novus Plastic Polish).


Be wary of leaving a clear/translucent acrylic ball in direct sunlight, it can act like a magnifying glass. It's a good idea to use a bag to store your clear acrylic.