LED Show


This is a fantastic display of high-tech LED props performed with world-class skill. Choreographed to music, this illuminated act brings highly visual and engaging entertainment to your event.

… and we can provide the sound system!



“Life is hectic isn’t it?  I think that is one of the appeals of your show.  People get mesmerized, transfixed, and it allows them to escape from the frantic frenzy of life.  It is kind of like watching a buddhist zen thing.”

-Cynthia Riley, Program Coordinator/Director, Fisher’s Island, NY

“Thank you for your performance, I think it says a lot when you are able to mesmerize a group who ranged grades spanning eight years to adults.  Your ability and readiness to interact with the audience at regular intervals throughout your performance really helped to keep everyone engaged.  Your enthusiasm and energy showed in every skill!”

-Deborah K. Martin, Welles-Turner Memorial Library, Glastonbury, CT

“The audience was truly captivated when he visited our middle school.  In fact, the kids gave him a standing ovation.  He wowed us with awesome yoyo, juggling, and stationary ball skills… and connected with his upbeat charismatic personality.  Great entertainment!”

-Timothy Brown, School Guidance Counselor, Tolland, CT Middle School

“If I could choose between seeing you and a laser lights show… I would choose you by far!!!”

-Kid from Brooklyn, CT Elementary School


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