Stage Show

Description: The Classic

A mesmerizing performance of over ten object manipulation skills choreographed to diverse music that will leave the audience smiling and in awe.  Featuring world-class yoyoing, top spinning, traditional juggling, devilsticks, contact juggling, poi, diabolo, and more… the audience won’t be able to guess what comes next.  This versatile show is appropriate for large theaters, as well as smaller venues to make your event a memorable one!

Additional fire or LED acts available upon request.

School Motivational Assemblies

The classic performance choreographed to music with inspirational messages interspersed throughout the show.  This act conveys the idea that patience, practice, and persistence will lead to rewarding success.  The students will be motivated to engage in creative tasks, feel energized, and be entertained!

Science-based Show

The classic performance choreographed to music that can touch lightly on science information or can be heavily science orientated.  Gravity, potential/kinetic energy, gyroscopic force/stability, rhythm, and timing are some of the topics that will be covered.  This act also encourages questions from the audience to engage them in the learning experience and are captivated by the skills.

Educational Demonstration/Show

This program includes high energy skill pieces set to music that will fascinate the audience and wanting more.  Beyond the choreographed pieces, there are discussions regarding the mechanics of the prop, skill history, innovations and development of the prop, and the cultural impact.  This in depth informational experience is thrilling and thoughtful.

… and we can provide the sound system!



“Your performance was really outstanding – I saw it as a kind of dance with props, and your choice of music made the work very beautiful and sophisticated.  I will never think of yoyo’s as a mere toy anymore.”

-Sara Fishman, Physics Teacher, Shrewsbury, MA


‘Bending Gravity’ kept the crowd laughing, clapping and gasping with delight as he worked his way through a variety of intricate routines… all of this was wonderfully choreographed, set to amazing music, performed with fluid grace and understated humor.  This unusual show is a guaranteed crowd pleaser!  I really think your show is like moving art, I could watch it all day!  Kids and parents were chattering away afterwards about how much they loved it.  He’s also the nicest person and very easy to work with.”

-Judy Stoughton, Librarian, Mansfield, CT Public Library

“It was absolutely terrific having you at Ben’s Bar Mitzvah.  He said you were the best part of the whole thing and he has not put down his yoyo yet.

-Danielle Laibowitz Stein, Southampton, NY

“I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life, it was wonderful.  This is the quietest I’ve ever seen the scouts!”

-Portland, CT Scout Camp Instructor

“At first, when I saw you I didn’t think you could really be a person, because the tricks you were doing were sooooo crazy!”

-Kid from Salem, NH School Assembly


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