Walk Around Entertainment


Amazing skills (day-time, fire, and/or LED) demonstrated up close in a more intimate manner.  A strolling entertainer will add more excitement to a corporate gathering, festival, or any event… making it memorable.  The interaction with the attendees will be suited to fit your occasion, with the option of low or high engagement with the guests.

… and many of the skills can be performed on stilts!


“Stop being amazing and just have fun with us… this is a party!”

-M. Night Shyamalan (screenwriter, director, producer), Shyamaween, Philadelphia, PA

“‘WOW!!!’  That was the ‘word of the evening’ from so many people…  I had thought that your performance would amuse the kids, but I wasn’t prepared for the reactions of the adults at the party, they were even more mesmerized than the kids!  Several people told me it was the best ‘entertainment’ that they had seen for a party of this type.  I want you to know that many people (including rabbis!) at the party gave you what for them is the highest compliment, ‘He seems like a real mensch!’ You have a refined and respectful demeanor, as well as patience and gentleness with the kids.”

-Hanna N. Schwartz, Chabad Synagogue, Worcester, MA

“You were simply wonderful, we can’t wait to work together again!”

-Jennifer Zappola, Radio Disney – 3rd Ave. NYC Street Festival

“We commend you for your mesmerizing performances, versatility, enthusiasm and boundless energy!”

-Francine L. Beltrame, American School for the Deaf, West Hartford, CT – Fall Harvest Festival


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