Duncan Hayabusa YoYo

Duncan Hayabusa YoYo


Product Description

Developed by the Duncan YoYo Crew in Japan, the Hayabusa (meaning “Falcon” in Japanese) is an excellent off-string and “oversized” string trick yoyo.
Featuring a high-speed ball bearing this yoyo will spin longer than yoyos with a traditional fixed axle.
A total of four different spacers are included to customize the gap to your preference.
There are three different response systems options for this for this yoyo
Friction Sticker(s): High response
Silicone Stickers(s): Medium response
Machined holes in the yoyo to create a recessed triad: Lowest response
Without modification, this is a great yoyo for beginners to professionals.

Technical Specifications

YoYo Material: Lightweight polycarbonate
Rim Material: Rubber
Diameter: 65mm / 2.57 inches
Width: 47mm / 1.84 inches
Weight: 71 grams
Response Systems:
Duncan friction Stickers
Duncan silicone Stickers
Recessed triad (existing machined holes in yoyo)
Bearing size: Size A
Company: Duncan Toys Co.


To remove a knot or tangled string, simply untwist the yoyo.
Replace the string when significant wear is shown to prevent the string from breaking and to improve play.
After a long period of time, the friction stickers will begin to wear out and will need to be replaced.
To increase the yoyo's responsiveness, a small amount of lubrication (Vaseline or bike lube) can be applied to the bearing.
More response can also be achieved by double-looping the string on the yoyo.
To reduce response a friction sticker can be removed.
Occasionally check and clear the bearing of any dirt, hair, or pieces of string.
Make sure the friction/silicone stickers are not rubbing against the bearing.
Experiment with different spacers to achieve your desired performance of the yoyo.


Choking hazard for children under 3 years.