Packages | Tailored to your event

  • Feel free to combine any of the services listed to fit your needs (i.e. show & workshop) or create your own request.
  • Music, costuming, and props can all be themed to your event.
  • We can promote your business location, at a trade show, or wherever you would like.  Your products could be juggled or customers will be visually brought in by the entertainment attraction.
  • Looking for a character driven performance, we can make that happen!
  • Multiple performers, lighting designers, and DJ’s are available to make your event truly outstanding!
  • Simply let us know what we can do to make your event a memorable success!

“As a long standing Duncan Crew member, Eric has contributed to the Duncan business in many ways from selling and promoting our products at trade shows, corporate outings, school auditoriums, and large consumer shows.  He was instrumental as a key performer on our instructional videos and the Duncan 80th Anniversary television commercials.  When I book Eric for an event, I can walk away from my desk knowing that it will be done on time, without problems, and with pleasure and professionalism as a natural entertainer!”

-Mike Burke, National Sales & Marketing Manager, Duncan Toys (div. of Flambeau Inc.)

“A rare show that brings Ooohs and Aahhs from everyone in the audience… it was like being at the circus!  His one man show is an experience not to be missed.”

-Gail Zeiba, Youth Services Librarian, Willimantic, CT

“If you can do 1/10 of your tricks, I’ll be thrilled.”

-Helen Polise, Producer for Tiger Electronics commercial

I loved the fact that you did share the information about PRACTICE to the kids.  We spoke about the dedication “factor” on our travel home.  As a parent I find myself discussing the “practice factor” in many of our “fun/sport activities,” as well as our “school work obligations.”  INSPIRATIONAL talk can truly impact children AND adults!  The other “key” to your success, I’m sure, is your LOVE for what you’re doing.  You may not have said it verbally, but it shows throughout your performance – and that’s inspiring in and of itself!”

-Dorthy, Matthew, and Sarah Scott – “Your latest fans!” – Holyoke, MA Visitors Center


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