Educational Workshops


This is an opportunity to try these skills hands-on with a highly skilled and engaged teacher.  A great way to exercise your brain and enjoy doing it.


CIRCUS SKILLS OFFERED (these are provided, but are also available to purchase in bulk for participants)

Juggling: develops eye-hand coordination, helps with problem solving, and can enhance cognitive functions.

YoYos: from the classic up & down to extremely advanced styles and tricks, there is a world to explore while focusing one’s attention.

Diabolo: a visual skill that provides a rewarding toss and catch that can usually be accomplished fairly quickly.

Contact Juggling: a mesmerizing skill that develops sensory and motor functions.

Poi: a very visual spinning art that is also very beneficial physically.

Devilsticks: a fun skill that teaches balance and will make you more aware of your bodily space.

Spinning Plate: an excellent introduction to skill toys and learning about balance, especially for younger children.

Balance Boards, Stilt-Walking, and Fire Skills can be taught to appropriate participants.  Is there a circus skill here you want to learn, but don’t see, let us know!



Classic Workshop: The students engage in a true learning experience of being challenged to succeeding, while laughing and simply having fun.  These creative activities exercise physical and mental focus, develop coordination, aid in communication, build self-esteem, and form a smile.  Short sessions (10-30 min.), longer sessions (2+ hours with breaks), and multiple sessions are available.

Intensive Workshop: The participants will experience a 2-10 day program learning each day in the skill(s) of their choice.  Beyond learning the circus skill, there in an emphasis on patience, practice, and persistence.  This program lends itself towards building a public show open to friends and families, where the students can present what they’ve accomplished.



Running away and learning some circus props is an excellent break from the everyday work of the office.  Your team will be energized as they build confidence in an exciting challenge that demonstrates mistakes happen, and you can learn from them.  The participants will laugh together, juggle together, and feel a real satisfaction from what they’ve accomplished.

… and they will be ready to break down and simplify office tasks!



Are you ready to take what you’ve learned to the next level?  Beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons in many circus skills are offered.


“I have hired Eric many times over the past decade and am continually amazed by his skill, dedication, and professionalism.  After working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years I know many incredibly talented people from all over the world.  Eric sticks out as one of the few individuals who is most talented with all the props that he performs with.  There are many specialists out there, but Eric is truly remarkable at so many different skills, which puts him on a plateau that few can reach.”   

-Michael Glenn Sauvageau, Metro NYC Manager at Yogibo LLC

“As the star performer at our school’s CMT Pep Rally, his juggling and yoyoing featured superb skill and artistry.  Our students were enthralled and loved every minute of his performance.  As important as the juggling and yoyo tricks was Eric’s motivational message to students about the importance of hard work and practice, practice, practice.  He is not only an excellent performer, he is also an outstanding role model.  His composure, respectful demeanor, and responsiveness to our students were exemplary.  I recommend him with reservation as an excellent performer for elementary students.  Your students will be entertained and inspired.”

-Linda A. Demikat, Ph. D., Principal, John M. Moriarty School, Norwich, CT

“We’ve had Eric for the past seven years at our camp and each year the cub scouts ask, ‘What day is the YoYo Guy coming?’  The scouts and leaders look forward to his performances, he has quite a following!  Eric sends a positive message to the kids about practicing, doing your best, and it’s ok to make mistakes because you can learning something new from them.” 

-Laurie White, Program Director, Cub Scout Central Day Camps B.S.A.

“Your show has changed my daughter’s life.  She has never spent more than one hour doing anything before she saw your show!”

-Boston, MA School Motivational Assembly, Parent of child


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