Mike Stacy

If you want to captivate a crowd, capture their imagination, and entertain all ages, you can do it all with Bending Gravity! I’ve had the pleasure of having Eric perform at many radio station events over the years and he is a crowd favorite as a true entertainer… one call to Eric and your event will be successful!

Laurie White

We’ve had Eric for the past seven years at our camp and each year the cub scouts ask, ‘What day is the YoYo Guy coming?’ The scouts and leaders look forward to his performances, he has quite a following!

Linda A. Demikat, Ph. D.

Our students were enthralled and loved every minute of the performance. As important as the tricks was Eric’s motivational message to students about the importance of hard work and practice. His composure, respectful demeanor, and responsiveness to our students were exemplary. Your students will be entertained and inspired!

Judy Stoughton

Bending Gravity kept the crowd laughing, clapping, and gasping with delight as he worked his way through a variety of intricate routines… all of this was wonderfully choreographed, set to amazing music, performed with fluid grace and understated humor. This unusual show is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!

M. Night Shyamalan

Yes!!! That’s amazing. Stop being amazing and just have fun with us… this is a party!

Michael Glenn Sauvageau

There are many specialists out there, but Eric is truly remarkable at so many different skills, which puts him on a plateau that few can reach. Working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and knowing many incredibly talented people, I am continually amazed by his skill, dedication, and professionalism.

Cynthia Riley

Life is hectic isn’t it? I think that is one of the appeals of your show. People get mesmerized, transfixed, and it allows them to escape from the frantic frenzy of life. It is kind of like watching a buddhist zen thing.

Peter Irish

It’s not even like a yo-yo, it was like you were throwing and conjuring energy, casting spells… I don’t even know how to explain it. Inspiring would be a word.

Sara Fishman

Your performance was really outstanding – I saw it as a kind of dance with props, and your choice of music made the work very beautiful and sophisticated. I will never think of yoyo’s as a mere toy anymore.